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The Southampton Shopping Center is located on Armory Drive in Franklin, Virgina. At the present time we have shop space available at this high traffic location. The anchor tenants at this development are Food Lion, Family Dollar, Belk’s and Roses . Other tenants at this location are R.T.O Best Way Rent to Own, Total Family Care, KV Nails, Curves, Bank of America, Exodus Outdoors, Redi Bids (Online & Retail Auction),and Total Renal Care providing full dialysis care as well as general medical services. We are aggressively marketing our shop spaces at this location. If you or someone you know is interested in locating your business at this excellent commercial development in Franklin, VA, please call for more information.


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Shops Available

Anchor 32,040
Anchor 30,096
Anchor 9,100 Available
Anchor 45,495
Shops ABCD 6,200 Total Renal Care
Shop E 1,400 Available
Shop F & G 2,800 Total Family Care
Shop H 1,600 KV Nails
Shop I & J 3,200 Curves for Women
Shop K & L 4,000 Bank of America
Shop M 2,000 Exodus Outdoors
Shop N 1,400 Available
Shop O 1,400 Redi Bids (Online & Retail Auction)
Shop P, Q & R 4,600 Best Way Rent to Own
  145,331 Total Square Feet